Dear NH Elks,

New Ritual Contest to start in 2022 at the Atlanta Grand Lodge Convention Starting at the Atlanta, Georgia GL Convention in July of 2022, the Grand Lodge will conduct a new Ritual Contest. (July 3rd - 6th). It will be the "Flag Presentation Contest". You must be an ER or PER to participate. GL participants will be determined at the State Level.
The Flag Charge Presentation Contest will start when the Exalted Ruler Contestant says the words in the last paragraph on page 57 in the Ritual of Local Lodges Manual (511500), "Please salute our Flag". The chairperson will signal the Exalted Ruler by giving 3 raps to start his/her part. There will be no restarts if a contestant commits some type of mistake. Only restart allowed is if there is an obvious distraction from any outside source. The contest will end after the Exalted Ruler returns to his/her station and after the words "One who loves his/her fellow man". Grand Lodge Rules and Requirements have been provided to all New Hampshire Lodges via email. If you did not get the attachment, please let me know and I will provide you with a copy. I look forward to this new contest and urge our Exalted Rulers and Past Exalted Rulers to participate. New Hampshire will conduct an 11 O'Clock Toast and Flag Presentation Contest on Sunday, February 20th, 2022 at the Concord-Epsom Elks #1210. The winners of those contests will be eligible to attend the Grand Lodge Contest in Atlanta, Georgia.
An email has been sent to all Lodges about this contest. Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you intend to compete in these contests.
Ritual Information
All Ritual Manuals are available online at . If anyone needs help or has questions about anything concerning the various Rituals, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I hope we have renewed interest from Exalted Rulers and Past Exalted Rulers in our State competition this year. The Ritual is an integral part of our Order and it is our duty to perform it in the most impressive and accurate manner possible.

Don Chesnel
NHSEA Ritual Chairman