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The Annual NHSEA 11 O’Clock Toast Contest was held today at 5PM at the Concord-Epsom Elks Lodge #1210.

There were two categories of competition – Exalted Rulers and Past Exalted Rulers.

Entrants had to deliver the Elks Ritualistic version of the 11 O’Clock Toast and be judged on word accuracy, pronunciation and impressiveness.

The participants were as follows:

Exalted Rulers
Joe Morawski, Jr. – Derry-Salem Elks #2226
Jim Culpon – Laconia Elks #876

Past Exalted Rulers
Doti Gath – Laconia Elks #876
Sharon Caswell – Portsmouth Elks #97
Larry Hart – Portsmouth Elks #97

Congratulations to all for participating!

Exalted Ruler Contest – Joe Morawski, Jr. – Derry Salem Elks #2226
Past Exalted Ruler Contest – Doti Gath – Laconia Elks #876

Ritualistic Officials for today’s contest -
Ritual Chair – Larry Hart, PER, PDD, PSP – Portsmouth Elks #97
Floor Judges – Don Chesnel, Leo McCluskey, Bill Roy, George Labonte
Word Judges – Gina Lincoln and Kevin Lincoln

Thanks to the Concord-Epsom Elks Lodge #1210 for hosting the event.

Awards will be presented at the NH State Elks Convention in May at the Attitash Resort. The winners of the two categories will also be doing the toast at the State Convention. Doti Gath will be doing the toast on Friday evening and Joe Morawski, Jr. will perform his rendition as part of the State Elks Memorial Service on Sunday morning.

The New Hampshire State Elks PER Ritual Team competed in the Area 1 Contest at the Waterville, Maine Elks Lodge on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013.
Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut were represented in the contest. New Hampshire did a fine job and finished in 2nd place behind Maine who won. Connecticut finished 3rd. Please see the attachment for total results.
NH Elks - These were your PER representatives in the contest:
Exalted Ruler - Doug Tremlett, PER - Nashua #720
Leading Knight- John McGranahan,PER, SVP - Nashua #720
Loyal Knight - Gina Parris,PER, DDGER, SVP - Franklin #1280
Lecturing Knight - Don Chesnel,PER, PDD,PSP,PGLC - Rochester #1393
Esquire - George Labonte,PER, PDD - Franklin #1280
Chaplain - Sharon Caswell - PER, Portsmouth #97
Inner Guard - Larry Hart,PER, PDD,PSP - Portsmouth #97
Candidate - Doti Gath -PER, Laconia #876

(Credit - Kevin Lincoln).
Coaches / Consultants / Word Checkers - Bill Roy,PER, PDD - Manchester #146; Norm Gervais, PER - Rochester #1393; Kevin Lincoln, PER, DDGER Designate - Plymouth #2312.
This Ritual Team also traveled to the Plymouth Elks Lodge #2312 on June 18th and Initiated their newest candidates into Elkdom.
This group was put together in a very short period of time and did an exemplary job for so few practices and time spent together.
This was a great team effort!

To my fellow members:
Yesterday, I received the following e-mail from the Massachusetts Ritual Chairman, Ken Rice. He and Peter Nelson have scheduled a ritual clinic on Sunday September 29th at the Auburn, Massachusetts Lodge. I am sending this out to anyone who ever expressed an interest in Ritual because we in New Hampshire are critically low on certified judges and without judges no contests can be held. Just by attending the clinic and passing a test, any current member can be certified as a word judge and a computer judge that day. In order to be certified as a floor judge, you must be a PER and pass a test that day as well as another similar test at another clinic in the future. Typically, these clinics start around 10 AM when our Area 1 Chairman, Steve Ondrick, goes over the policies and procedures for certifying floor judges. This is usually followed by an open book test answering questions relative to floor judge knowledge. Later, a team of officers will perform the ritual and you will score them as though it was an actual contest. Your certification is based on how you score them and how you answered the questions in the open book test. If it is your first successful passing grade, you should plan to go to another clinic to pass your second test and you will be a certified floor judge. If you are already a certified floor judge and need to re-certify because your current card expired, you just need to pass this one test. After lunch, Steve will conduct a Word Judge clinic, where he explains the penalties for word errors, and how to properly mark them down in the word guide. He then verbally reads sections of different parts of the ritual, purposely making errors, to see how you score him. if you pass, you are a word judge! The last part of the clinic shows you how to use the Excel program for inputting teams, their scores and printing out the score sheets that determine who won a contest. If you have any computer knowledge at all you should be able to do this with no problem. Once again, if you participate in this part of the clinic you will be a computer judge that day. Please consider this request for becoming a judge. As I said before we really need to bolster up our staff of judges in New Hampshire.

The Area 1 PER Ritual Contest was hosted this year by the state of Vermont and conducted at the Montpelier Elks Lodge on Sunday, June 24th, 2012. In this annual contest, all Officer positions on the teams must be filled using Past Exalted Rulers from the state being represented. Five states from Area 1 fielded a team - Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire. New York and Massachusetts did not participate. The competition level of this year's event was very intense. Every team did an incredible job with their performance. In the end, the State of Maine once again prevailed and won the contest. They were also the winners last year. New Hampshire finished fifth in a very intense and competitive lineup. Some of our contestants were first time participants in this contest but all did very well. Tracy Broderick (Concord-Epsom Elks #1210) performed as the candidate for the NH team and won Area 1 Candidate Honors. Quite an accomplishment for a first time participant in this contest. Congratulations!

Team Photo, l to r: Larry Hart, PER,PDD,PSP, Portsmouth Elks #97 - Lecturing Knight; Ken Messing, PER, Manchester Elks #146 - Leading Knight; Sharon Caswell, PER, Portsmouth Elks #97 - Chaplain; Doug Tremlett, PER, Nashua Elks #720 - Exalted Ruler; Gina Parris, PER, DDGER North Designate, Franklin Elks #1280 - Loyal Knight; John McGranahan, PER, SVP, Nashua Elks #720 - Esquire; Tracy Broderick, Concord-Epsom Elks #1210 - Candidate and Mike Broderick, PER, Concord-Epsom Elks #1210 - Inner Guard. Not pictured, Don Chesnel, PER, PDD,PSP, PGLC, Rochester Elks #1393 who represented New Hampshire as a floor judge. Each state provides one floor judge for the contest.

Our Annual State Ritual Contest and 11o'clock Toast Contest was conducted today (01/22/12) at the Nashua, NH Elks Lodge #720.
Results as follows:
Only (1) Lodge participated in the Team Ritual Contest - Nashua, NH #720. They are the State Champions once again. Congratulations to Nashua!
Exalted Ruler 11 o'clock Toast Contest - 1 entrant.
Congrats and well done to Exalted Ruler Doug Tremlett of the Nashua Elks! He is the 11 o'clock Toast Contest Winner for Exalted Rulers.
Past Exalted Ruler 11o'clock Toast Contest - 4 PER's participated.
Winner! Jeanne Bernard, Rochester, NH Elks #1393 - Score 99.9188
2nd - Larry Hart, Portsmouth, NH Elks #97
3rd -  Kenny Brown, Dover, NH Elks #184
4th -  Jack Balch, Nashua, NH Elks #720 
State Elks Ritual Chairman John McGranahan of the Nashua, NH Elks #720 wants to thank all participants and judges who supported this event.
Judges included Don Chesnel, Ken Messing, George Labonte, Bill Roy, Ed Norway, Mike Norway, and from Massachusetts, Ken Rice and Pat McGibbon. Thanks are also extended to  PER Tim Dorgan and crew from the Nashua Elks for the fine lunch served after the contest.
All awards and trophies will be presented at the NH State Elks Convention at the Attitash Hotel during the Saturday Evening Banquet, May 19th, 2012.

Connecticut and New York did not participate.

Nashua Elks who participated:
John McGranahan - Exalted Ruler
George Caron - Leading Knight
Doug Tremlett - Loyal Knight
Glenn Cean - Lecturing Knight
Julie Cean - Chaplain
Norm Lavallee - Esquire
Jack Balch - Inner Guard
Ed Norway - Candidate
Bill Roy, PER, PDD and ER from the Manchester Elks #146 was a floor judge from NH for the contest.

    The Nashua, NH Elks Lodge #720 Ritual Team competed in the Area 1 "Lodge Contest" in Bath, Maine on Sunday, June 26th, 2011.
This contest is designed for the State Champion Lodge Ritual Teams from each state in Area 1. Nashua came in 4th in a field of five
teams due to penalties incurred for having a substitute officer and two repeats, which cost them 4 points up front. It was a fine performance by the team.
Woonsocket, Rhode Island Lodge won the contest; St. Johnsbury, Vermont finished second; Houlton, Maine was third;
Nashua, New Hampshire fourth and Auburn / Webster, Massachusetts came in fifth.
Area 1 State contest results

This year's Area 1 PER Ritual contest was held at the Watervliet, NY Lodge #1500 on Sunday April 17th, 2011.

Five Area 1 Champions and 2nd Place! We'll get 'em next time!
This was a very good PER Team and represented our State in an excellent manner at the contest.
Ritual is one of the finer aspects of Elkdom and it needs to continue and be carried forward to the maximum extent possible.
This team carries the banner proudly!

Members of the NH team:
John McGranahan - Exalted Ruler - Nashua 720
George Labonte - Leading Knight - Franklin 1280
Bill Roy - Loyal Knight - Manchester 146
Don Chesnel- Lecturing Knight - Rochester 1393
Larry Patten - Esquire - Nashua 720
Larry Hart - Chaplain - Dover 184
Gina Rondeau - Inner Guard - Franklin 1280
Julie Cean - Candidate - Nashua 720
Coaches and Word Judging:
Norm Gervais - Rochester 1393
Ken Messing - Manchester 146
Glenn Cean - Nashua 720
Ed Norway - Nashua 720
1.Maine 94.335
2.New Hampshire 94.271
3.Connecticut 93.068
4.New York 91.099

New Hampshire also received All Area 1 Honors for these individual Chair Winners:

John McGranahan - 91.550 - Area 1 Champion Exalted Ruler
Bill Roy - 92.494 - Area 1 Champion Loyal Knight
Don Chesnel - 93.818 - Area 1 Champion Lecturing Knight
Gina Rondeau - 90.697 - Area 1 Champion Inner Guard
Julie Cean - (Scores are not provided) - Area 1 Champion Candidate
Note: Larry Hart (Chaplain) missed Area 1 honors by .043


The NH State Elks Ritual Committee conducted its Annual Ritual Contest at the Nashua Lodge of Elks #720 today (Sunday, January 23rd, 2011).

The Nashua Elks #720 were the only team who participated in the Lodge Contest.
They did a fine job as usual and will represent the State well going forward this year.Good Luck to the Nashua Ritual Team in their future endeavors!

11 O'clock Toast Contest - ER's

(1) Exalted Ruler entered the ER Contest - Mike Broderick from the Concord-Epsom Elks #1210 performed a fine rendition of the toast and he is the 11 O'Clock Toast Winner for this year. Congratulations Mike.

PER 11 O'Clock Toast Contest

This contest is for PER's only and this year was it's debut! Thank you to all the PER's who participated! State Chair John McGranahan and his Committee sincerely thank all of you for taking the time to show interest and participate.

We are very pleased to announce these results:

1st Place - Gina Rondeau - Franklin Elks #1280
2nd Place - Jeanne Bernard - Rochester Elks #1393
3rd Place - Larry Hart - Dover Elks #184
4th Place - Peter Kilday - Nashua Elks #720
5th Place - Ken Brown - Dover Elks #184

Congrats to Gina Rondeau who is our first woman PER ever to win 11 O'Clock Toast Contest Winner in the State of NH.

Less than a tenth of point separated Gina Rondeau and Jeanne Bernard. All participants did an excellent job with the toast. Also pictured - PER Toast Contest Participants.

Thanks to John McGranahan, State Chair for his coordination and organization. Judges were supplied from New Hampshire and one from Massachusetts.

Awards and Plaques will be presented by John McGranahan and the NH State Elks Ritual Committee at the NH State Elks Convention, Attitash Resort, Bartlett, NH in May, 2011.

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