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State President Message

State President Jim Culpon, PER, PDD, SP
Sate President Elect Marlene Lein, PER, PDD
2nd State Vise President Scott Merrihew, PER, DDGER
3rd State Vise President Micheal Norway, PER, PDD
4th State Vise President Brian Thibeault, PER, PDD
5th State Vise President Kelly Dorgan Cote, PER, PDD
State Secretary Megan Arlitt, PER, PDD
State Treasurer Kevin Linclon, PER, PDD
Sargeant At Arms Frank Mello, PER, PDD, PSP
Tiler Bob Martin
Chaplain Lisa Sauceda, PER
1 Year Trustee Lisa Collins, PER, PDD, PSP
2 Year Trustee Christopher woltering, PER, PDD, PSP
3 Year Trustee Gina Linclon, PER, PDD, PSP
4 Year Trustee Dennis Dionne, PER, PDD, PSP
5 Year Trustee George LaBonte, PER, PDD, PSP
District Deputy NH North Scott Merihew, PER, DDGER
5District Deputy NH South Jerry Skidds, PER, DDGER