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  A new online edition of the Elks Magazine is now available on the Grand Lodge Website at
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Did you know...The Elks Magazine was first issued June 1922. To see select pages of this wonderful magazines first edition click on this link."Elks History June 1922"

Attention all New Hampshire Elks going to the Grand Lodge Convention in July:

The New England Dinner has been cancelled due to lack of participation. Although some New England states had a number of people signed up for it, interest has been waning over the last few years.
This year, there was not enough participation to make it viable or financially possible to continue, according to the coordinator, Buddy Avezzie.
Anyone who had paid for this event as part of their New England Elks Tour Package for the Grand Lodge Convention will be receiving a refund in the form of a check.
If you still have questions or comments, please contact our NH State Elks Housing Coordinator for the Grand Lodge Convention, Bob Jones at the following email address:
Bob Jones, SDGER, GL Tiler Sends

GL Newsletter, August 2013 Government Relations: Funds growth spurs mission
Grand Lodge Committee Member

Local Lodges and State Associations are to be commended for an excellent job of reporting their charitable statistics for 2012-13.
The Elks' Charitable Summary for the year just ended on March 31st, 2013 shows a 21 percent increase from 2011-12.

Contributions totaled $422,093,418, eclipsing the 2011-12 mark of $348,508,863 by $73,530,555.

The increase will certainly add to the Elks' overall mission to fund our charitable goals, making it increasingly important that our right to exist as a private organization is protected.

In turn, the mission of the Grand Lodge Government Relations Committee is to assist the Grand Lodge, State Associations and Local Lodges in protecting and preserving that right.

In this mission, the Government Relations Committee serves as a resource for, and provides leadership to, the State Associations, and through them, to the Local Lodges. They gather information concerning pending state, local and national legislation affecting our Order. They encourage State Associations to monitor proposed legislation, which would be beneficial or detrimental to our activities, and to take appropriate action.

Areas of concern:

Public Accommodation: defining what constitutes public accommodation and establishing what requirements must be met in such facilities.

Private organizations: defining what a private organization must or can do in order to be classified as non-profit and fraternal.

Gambling: as it relates to bingo and pull-tabs.

Property tax exemption: establishing requirements for seeking exemption for local property taxes and defining what facilities may be exempt.

When appropriate, individual Members are encouraged to contact their legislators and ask for their support. Much of the work of legislative bodies is done in committee meetings and public hearings between legislative sessions. Often there are opportunities to speak and provide input they might not otherwise have. Get to know your legislators, invite them to dinner at the Lodge or to a special function like Flag Day or a Memorial Service.

In December, I had the fortune of speaking with 25 Elks State Presidents by telephone. I mentioned that the Elks have had a partnership with Donate Life America for over three years, but many Elk members are not aware of the relationship. If you go to the Elks National website, and go to the Fraternal Relations Committee, you'll find the area on Organ Donation. There, you'll also find the attached poster. When I spoke with the State Presidents (I might have talked to you,) I asked if you would email the poster to the Exalted Rulers in your state, asking the ERs to print and post it in their respective lodges. Everyone said YES, OF COURSE we will email our ERS. From that action, perhaps members went to the site, then went to ,looked up their state site and learned about donation and registered. For that I sincerely thank you.

Major Project - Copper Cannon

    The mission of Copper Cannon Camp is to enrich the lives of under-served youth of New Hampshire by providing a quality, tuition-free camp experience. Copper Cannon Camp is unique in that it is the only completely tuition-free summer camp experience for children living in New Hampshire. Our founder, Hamilton Ford, overcame an underprivileged childhood and was changed by a summer camp experience he and his family had. He decided then and there that summer camp was something that every child, regardless of background or financial status, deserved to experience. And 50 years and 20,000 campers later, we uphold that same belief to this day.

Attention Elks - This is Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at 4PM! For "The 44th Annual Copper Cannon Camp Buffet & Auction" Location – Littleton, NH Elks Lodge #1831

Our campers come from all over the state and are accepted regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, orientation or handicapping conditions. Our only requirements are that campers fall within the particular age group they are applying for, and that they meet the financial income requirements to receive the free camp experience. For more information about Copper Cannon Click here.

Attention Elks -
Check out this great interview that Copper Cannon Executive Director Peter Christnacht did with NH NPR. Click on the link for the full interview! Don Chesnel Copper Cannon Camp is tucked away in Franconia Notch on 128 acres of White Mountain National Forest. In some ways a typical overnight camp with sing-a-longs at night and archery during the day, Copper Cannon is unusual in one respect. As Sean Hurley reports, it's one of only a handful of co-ed camps in the country that's absolutely free for kids of low income families.

Copper Cannon Camp's annual clean-up day will be May 31st due to the weather on the last one.
Come help get camp ready for the summer and prepare the facility for its long term success.
The projects are based on the skills of our volunteers. A few possible projects are:
" Tree cutting and trimming
" Wood chopping
" Painting
" Carpentry
" Trail building
" Landscaping
" Etc.

Please RSVP to Pete at or 603-823-8107. This will help me plan projects, buy food and purchase supplies.


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"Lodges - Don't forget to update your Charitable Records Data on a Monthly Basis"

2017 NH State Convention Applications

Bill to prohibit smoking in NH fraternal organizations

Hoop Shoot 2016 in Portland Forms for Hotel and event info

NH Elk Lodges,
Reminder, the State Elk Association Officers will be judging your lodge Drug Awareness Poster and Essay contest entries at the March 16th State meeting in Nashua. Please don't forget that only your lodge's 1st 2nd and 3rd place poster and essay winners can be entered into the state contest. Also, please arrange to have your entries at the Nashua lodge before 12 noon so the officers can judge them immediately following the Trustee Meeting.
Thank you,
Joe Giunta, Chairman
NH Elks Association

NH Elks - Reminder - See message and attachment from Bonnie Jacques on the State Charity Raffle - Please support this effort. Contact Bonnie Jacques with comments or questions.
Please remember to bring raffle ticket stubs with money this Sunday to Nashua State Cribbage Tournament. Also all Elks Lodges were given 4 dinner tickets please sell them or bring them also.
REMEMBER the PROFIT on this function is for CHARITY. Without everyone supporting this function WILL NOT MAKE MUCH PROFIT.
Click here for raffle prizes that are available.
Bonnie Jacques
143 Ledge St. Apt. 311
Nashua, NH 03060

Attention ER's, Officers and Lodges - Click here for a list of events and dates you should review when planning the new Lodge Year starting in April. This list will be discussed and copies distributed at the New Officer Clinic in March. This list was developed by our SDGER Bob Jones.

Attention all those going to the NH State Elks Convention! See attachments and read info below.
ALL Exalted Rulers and all Members and Officers - NH STATE ELKS CONVENTION - Attitash Grand Summit Hotel, Bartlett, NH - May 16, 17 and 18. Packets were distributed to Exalted Rulers Sunday January 12 at the the State Meeting
1. Registration forms (See attachments) are needed by April 1, please. If you are not staying at hotel but wold like meals, please complete form (just the bottom half). Any questions on this, please contact Doti Acres Gath!
2. Don't forget to bring your raffle item donations for the State Convention Raffle. It can be anything from a blanket, decorative art, small cooler, bottle of cheer or anything else you would like to donate. (All Lodges/ERs are required to bring 1 item)
3. Items for the Copper Cannon Raffle are also appreciated and desperately needed.
4. Also ER's - Don't forget your ER Jewels and Black Tux for the Memorial Service on Sunday Morning. Each Lodge must have the Exalted Ruler or a Designated Representative at the Memorial Service in Black Tux and Lodge ER Jewels.
5. State Elks Sergeant-At-Arms Frank Mello from the Laconia Elks will be coordinating the Exalted Rulers for the ceremony.
6. Please remember that for hospitality suites, there is no push pins or anything allowed that will leave a mark or hole in the wall allowed.
7. Don't forget the Hospitality Star Contest. Based on theme and lodge involvement. Franklin #1280 won the contest last year.
8. State Officers, Grand Lodge Officers - White Dinner Jackets for the Saturday Evening Banquet. All - Saturday evening banquet is dress up night for all who attend. Friday Evening Buffet is informal dress. Saturday Business meeting - State Blazers and Tie for Delegates.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation with these items.
Questions or Comments? Contact the State Elks Convention Committee Members - Doti Acres Gath, Don Chesnel, Frank Collins.
Doti Acres Gath and Convention Committee Members
Are you going to the Convention? It's going to be a great weekend! We look forward to seeing you there!

Attention all Elks / Emblem Members - , A message from Linda French on our Charity Dance Ad Book this year............She needs Ads from Lodges and Emblem Clubs, etc. by 2/15/14................ Just to remind everyone that this year's Charity Ad Book is a Joint Function. Yes, the Elks will get the profit from the ads they sell and the Emblem will get the profit from the ads they sell. This only being fair as there are fourteen Elks Lodges and eight Emblem Clubs, but it is being done together. You might want to think about mentioning both organizations in your ad. Totally up to you but just wanted to put that out. Also, PER Associations, PP Presidents, Vice Presidents, officers, and individuals can take an ad out. If you know someone with a business, ask them, they might want to buy one. Full page ad is $75.00 and half page is $45.00. Deadline is 2/15/14.
Click here for Attachment. Rates listed and mailing instructions. Rates and where to send Ads have changed. To: NH State Elk President, NH State Emblem President, State Officers, DDGER's, PDD's, Emblem Clubs, SPPs, Emblem State Officers, Members and Friends of Elkdom and Emblem Subject: 2014 New Hampshire State Elks Charity Ad Book - Request for Ads! New Hampshire State Elks Association and the New Hampshire State Association of Emblem Clubs are holding a Joint Charity Fundraiser Dinner / Dance at the Nashua Lodge of Elks, DW Hwy South, Nashua. Mark your calendar - remember all proceeds go to charity! State President Ed Norway has asked that I take care of the ads for the Charity Fundraiser Ad Book. Please "Save this date". Saturday, March 15th, 2014.Local lodging information and Ticket More details will be provided in separate correspondence by Yvonne (Bonnie) Jacques Nashua #170 & #720 on the dance itself. Keep in mind that a Elk's State Meeting will be held at the Nashua Lodge on Sunday, March16th, 2014. You may want to consider staying overnight for the dance. More details to follow by Bonnie Jacques. The primary purpose of this letter is to notify and request that all Lodges, Emblem Clubs and State Officers take an active part in buying and procuring ads for our State Charity Fundraiser Ad Book. This is vital to the success of this effort. We need to sell some ads! " Put someone from each Lodge and Club in charge of procuring additional ads for the book from community organizations. Prices and instructions are listed on the attached ad sheets. We need all ads, ad copy, and money returned to me not later than February 15th, 2014 or sooner if possible. Let's make this year's effort a complete success for our Charity Fund. Profit from the ads that the Elks get go to them and the profit from the ads the Emblem get go to them. As there are fourteen Elk's Lodges and only eight Emblem Clubs. Thanks in advance for your support! Checks should be made out to: Lebanon Emblem Club #358. Send all checks and ads to: Linda French, SPP 393 US Rt. 5 Hartland, VT 05048 802-295-9585

Attention Elks - Beware about a scam involving the Georgia State Elks. This event was new, but I have seen this particular scam for a number of years. It's the "stranded victim scam" where someone you know says they are stranded somewhere far away because they got robbed or whatever and want you to send money. This personally happened to me once and I instantly knew it was fraud because the person they were impersonating was in Rochester and not in London, England as the scammer wanted me to believe. It is quite remarkable that people are still using this one, but they are. Beware. Never do this. Never. Make a call to the person who you know before doing anything. I am always amazed at how people will just blindly respond or take action on emails that come out of nowhere, even ones that are supposedly sent by people you know. Check it out first. "Click here to see Document"

A message from our Special Deputy concerning scholarships:

Attention all Lodges and those involved in Scholarship Programs in the Lodge -

For Students who have been awarded scholarships from the NH State Elks Association:

All transcripts of classes along with the letter of acceptance from the colleges need to be mailed to Gerard Gravel, Treasurer of the New Hampshire Elks Association at PO Box 1326, Rochester N.H. 03866-1326. Email:

When this information is received by Mr. Gravel he will issue the check to the colleges. At the present time Mr. Gravel has only received 7 transcripts and letters of acceptance. This is far below the normal for this time of year.
It appears as though there has been a break down in communications on this matter and it is crucial to get this issue straightened out as soon as possible. I believe one of the big problems we are experiencing is that many lodges have little or no representation at our state meetings, which results in the chairmen for not only scholarships but other state programs having no knowledge of what is happening within our state association. This in turn jeopardizes what we as Elks are trying to promote. I ask for each lodge to try and make a special effort to have representation from all lodges at our meetings.

Thanking you in advance for your help with this issue.

Respectfully and Fraternally

Robert A. Jones, NH Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler

The Hospital at Manchester has made the following request.
We have recently had an influx of request for airbeds from the VA Supportive Housing (VASH) program. The reason for this is we've recently received vouchers for Veterans to be placed into housing; but, they have no belongings. This afternoon will be the second emergency run to Wal-Mart for air mattresses. This time for a family of seven, this includes an infant. Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to hand over small gift cards for two other Veterans needing airbeds. VA Supportive Housing is fortunate to place more families in the near future. Unfortunately these families will also be moving into new homes without furniture. Through appreciated donations we are able to fund the 1 queen, 3 full and 1 twin size air mattresses this afternoon from Wal-Mart for the family of seven. I am thankful they will not be on the floor tonight. This is the problem. Due to restrictions in purchasing we are limited to where we are able to shop and of course how much we can spend on each Veteran and there family. The air mattresses purchased are about $25.00 each, do not come with air pumps and of course are not meant to be slept on continuously. Therefore, they will not last long and the need for more will continue. We have looked for other inexpensive solutions. The attached flyer is an example of a better airbed we would like to able to provide from Costco's in Nashua, NH or online. It looks to be high quality and durable. It also comes with its own air pump. If any person or organization is looking for the Medical Center's need list please inform them of these airbeds. Our Veterans will certainly be most grateful.Jim Stewart, NHSEA Veterans Chairman - If you have questions or comments please contact Jim Stewart at, He has the info and what is needed.

Hello Lodges in NH.
Whether you are aware of this or not, there is still time to take action for this program
The NH State Elks Association has a program known as State Elk of the Year. It is designed to select an Elk from a Lodge that has received the Lodge Award for the past Lodge Year. The award will be presented at the NH State Elks Convention in May. If you would like to nominate someone for State Elk of the Year, submit the nomination to NHSEA Lodge Activities Chairman Steve Bourdeau, PER from the Franklin Elks. Submit the nomination and backup information to: Steve Bourdeau He needs nominations as soon as possible. If you have questions or comments contact Steve by email or call him at 387-2584 (Cell Phone)

To all NH Lodges, DD's, SP, SDGER and the State Association -
We have completed reporting our Charitable Data to Grand Lodge. All Lodges have reported and the State Association has reported, beating the deadline. We are 100 percent................again! Congratulations to all and thanks for your support!
Don Chesnel
NHSEA Government Relations Chair

To all Lodges in NH - Public Accommodation
It has come to my attention that some Lodges may not realize the implications of protecting our private organization status in the state of New Hampshire. Per the Order of Elks Constitution and Statutes, our IRS Tax Status and the NH State Liquor Laws, Elks Lodges enjoy the privileges accorded private entities in our state. With that classification comes responsibilities. We must do everything we can as members to protect that status. We must keep our doors locked and controlled. Our Elks functions and socials are always for "Members and Guests". We should mark all of our events that way in our newsletters, in our advertising, on our roadside signs, etc. We are never "Open to the public" nor should we put a sign out that says, "All are Welcome". In the case of private organizations in our classification, "All are not welcome", (because we are a private organization) and we should never advertise ourselves that way. We are not a place of public accommodation. I realize Lodges rent their halls for private functions, etc. and some play bingo where the general public comes into our buildings. That is fine per se, but we need to isolate and control our social quarters from these events. The general public is never allowed into our quarters or buildings unescorted, etc. other than private rentals or bingo. And when you have guests with you, you must sign in and escort them and be with those guests while they are in the Lodge. If you leave, they must leave. By the book, guests are not supposed to buy anything while in a Lodge. The member is in charge of everything, including the purchase of drinks, tickets, etc. And this fact always jumps out at me - Why would we all pay dues to be part of a private organization if we let anyone walk into our facilities repeatedly, unescorted and by the way, breaking our rules and the laws of New Hampshire? Why would we want to do this? It's why Lodges have a three visit rule for non-members. We all pay dues for the right to be a member of the Elks. Why would we want to let non-members have these privileges for free? We are all having problems these days making ends meet in our Lodges. The economy continues to be sluggish and we are all paying a price for it. That's a fact. But let's not compound our financial challenges by breaking our own rules and the laws of the State we live in. To do so jeopardizes all of us and our Lodges in various ways, including our liquor/gaming licenses and the status we enjoy as legitimate members of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.
Don Chesnel
State Elks Government Relations Chair

Hello Fellow Elks, Just passing along information that you might not have. My friend Jim Strojny, Past State President of the Mass Elks Assoc has informed me that 2 brothers who were to be initiated into the next class of members of Stoneham Elks Lodge and their sponsor were severely injured in the Boston Bombings. The 2 brothers each had a leg amputated and the 3rd remains in critical condition. A fund has been set up through TD Bank to assist them. You can go to any TD Bank to make a donation. The fund name is: Marc, JP, and Paul, Marathon Victim Fund. The account # 8371871647. You can also mail a donation to: TD Bank, 280 Montvale Ave, Woburn, Ma 01801. Please help if you can and pass this message on to other Elks. God Bless all of the victims of this trajedy, and God Bless all of you!! Jim Foley, PDD (From Connecticut but now lives down south).

Attention all Lodges and State Elks Association Committee Chairs -
1. All Lodges are reminded that our Charitable Records Reporting online need to be updated, finalized and submitted at the very beginning of April. All Lodges have been inputting throughout the year, but now is the time to tie up all the loose ends and get ready to submit the completed data. Last year we chased a couple of Lodges. Let's get this done early this year. It should be ready to go TODAY if you have kept up your data input all year.

Brian Ryea, our State Elks Secretary is tasked with submitting our State Level Charitable Data for Committee Activities such as Veterans, Copper Cannon State Major Project, Drug Awareness, Spelling Bee, Soccer Shoot, Hoop Shoot, Youth Activities, Lodge Activities, Scholarships and any and all Committees that had State Elks Association Level Activities. He needs this info asap. I know some things are still in progress, but don't wait any longer to get your data ready for him. All major State Chairs need to do this with their programs. He needs mileage, hours, participants, elks, helpers involved, non-cash contributions and cash contributions. Brian can't dream this data up, it has to come from our State Chairs so let's get it into him.

Brian Ryea's email is

All NH Lodges - Reminder - Do you have money that needs to be turned into the Elks National Foundation? An online donation is instantaneous, but if you are mailing in donations, they need to get taken care now! Everything is done for this year at the end of t